Civil Works

Hutton Compliance carries out railway minor civil works and repairs to ensure that rail infrastructure is functional and well-maintained.

We ensure that work is planned effectively to meet the clients’ requirements, agreed designs and minimise disruption. Hutton Compliance team is PTS trained and possesses a range of construction skills.

We have undertaken work in the following rail service areas:

  • Under track crossings
  • Non-slip surfacing
  • Signal post base installation
  • Structure enabling works
  • Cable route works / troughing
  • Catch pit reinstatement
  • DDA Works
  • Gantry base installation
  • Safe cess walkway
  • Safe Access and Egress

For more information on our civil works services, please contact a member of our team by emailing: or by calling 0151 705 1095 (during normal office hours).

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